Modified applications have been on the rise. They are versions of standard applications that have additional features added to them. With these additional features much more can be accomplished due to the expanded features of the application. One application that will be discussed today is Yo Whatsapp. Yo Whatsapp is a modified version of Whatsapp that has a multitude of expanded features. Some include the YoThemes that allow beautiful changes to the color pallet within the application. In addition the YoWhatsApp does not need third party locker apps. In addition Emoji variants are added to this application as well. There are countless possibilities with the new features that make the app YoWhatsApp.


Currently the YoWhatsApp application modification has over a billion users that are active on the application. With this overwhelming amount of users the demands for the application are high. With the arsenal of additional features added on the to the modified application known as YoWhatsApp, the needs of these countless users are quenched. In a more private age than ever before privacy is added to this application such as who can call you and who can see whether one is online or not. These helpful features are fantastic in that they add the much needed layer of privacy to the application. In addition to this the new locking methods of using a PIN code or even a fingerprint are added to the application as well. These two features are enough to pull many users to YoWhatsApp as a way to communicate with friends, family, and much much more.

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Furthermore the latest version of YoWhatsApp has many patched and features that add to the already feature abundant application modification. The application was launched by Yousef Al-Basha who worked to add more features to the WhatsApp application. This modification has proven more than useful and has provided a layer of privacy the original does not. In this version deleted messages from sender can still be read. This feature is useful as it works with other versions of the WhatApp mobile application. This feature is useful as it also works well with the read receipts that indicate whether a message has been read or not. The read receipts come in the form of check marks that indicate a message has been read. The ability to control who can call the individual using the app is also another feature that is found on YoWhatsApp. This feature is both empowering and useful in many ways.

Moreover other features of YoWhatsApp include being able to use the YoWhatsApp application despite being banned from WhatsApp. By uninstalling WhatsApp and installing the anti ban patch it is possible to use YoWhatsApp with an account that has been banned on WhatsApp. This can be helpful to some users who have been banned mistakenly and are unable to recover their accounts. With this feature there is also the ability to make group video calls. In the group video calls a larger number of participants can be added into calls to discuss as well as have fun. YoWhatsApp also brings the ability to share high quality images to the mix. By high quality this means 1080p images as well as other high resolution images relative to this level of resolution. YoWhats App is the application modification that is taking the mobile app market by storm and as is an application that is definitely worth trying.

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With such monumental levels of popularity among smartphone applications. YoWhatsApp has certainly made ground breaking developments when it comes to app appearances, usability, and coolness. With more customization options than ever in a WhatsApp based application. YoWhatsApp offers numerous color palettes for themes that may match the personality or preferences of the user. Black is a great color that has been used as it has been used on dark mode themes that make it easier on the eyes for reading. If this is not a problem there are also other themes such as the blue theme in YoWhats App. With over 9.7 million downloads for the application YoWhats App, a variety of issues with the original WhatsApp have been patched. One of these includes being able to cut videos all the way down to 30 seconds. Home page wallpapers can also be downloaded as well due to the new patch.

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More and more improvements are added than ever to YoWhatsApp than its counterparts. This application is frequently updated and integrates features such as sending up to 100 images in one chat, a default blue interfaces, a new call icon, and so much more. This brings profound additions of intrigue and depth to the modified application known as YoWhats App. Communication happens every day and with more and more communications forming it is certainly useful to have an expanded option when it comes to emojis. Emojis are helpful with communication and YoWhats App continues to add more and more. YoWhats App is immersive and truly builds on Whats App’s greatest features.